Board of Directors

Dr. Nael Abed Al-Rahman,  President
Holds a Phd in Education and currently is a professor at Alquds Open University.

Ms. Mariam Samara Awad, Vice President
Dean of the Nursing Faculty and a lecturer at Bethlehem University.

Mr. Michael Rahel, Treasurer
Holds a masters degree in clinical audiology from the faculty of medicine at Manchester University of England.Currently, the manager of Audical For Hearing Appliance company. Also and at present, the head of Audiology department at Dar Alkalima Health and wellness Center. Mr. Rahil is a member of the Lion's Club in Bethlehem.

Dr. Degol Hodali, Secretary
Medical Doctor and Former Director of the Palestinian Ministry of Health - Bethlehem Directorate.

Ms. Vera Baboun, Member
Former Mayor of Bethlehem

Mr. Vladimair Kharoufe, Member
Holds a BA in Social Sience, currently working in consruction contacting.

Dr. Fouad Banoura, Member
Holds a PhD in Chemistry, currently the Chairperson of Chemistry/Assistant Professor at Bethlehem University.

Mr. Samih Sallam, Member
Director of the Neurology Sciences Center, Bethlehem

Dr. osama Manasr, Member 
Holds a Phd. in History, and currently a professor at Alquds Open University

Mr. Nidal Jeries, Member