One of the key issues in Palestine is develop a competent mental health workforce. The Guidance and Training Center has developed several ongoing projects focused on capacity building in Palestine. To this end we have developed basic trainings for professionals that are included in four modules:

  • Working in schools
  • Competencies for psychotherapy
  • Assessment
  • Research
  • Caregivers

The Guidance and Training Center developed a programme building the capacity of caregivers in Palestine. Most recently, our work has focused on caregivers in orphanages. Through our trainings we provide them with knowledge about children’s development from 0 - 15 years of age and build their capacity to identify behavioral issues, emotional and psychological needs and how to communicate, educate and build relationships with children that can support their development.

The Guidance and Training Center has developed a training focused on parenting and how to support children’s development by utilizing communication and negotiation skills. The Guidance and Training Center also has trained groups of trainers to provide this training in several districts throughout Palestine.

The Guidance and Training Center offers training courses and supervision for school counselors and teachers to understand the connection between the learning process and the emotional and psychological states of children. The aim is to increase the knowledge of teachers and their ability to utilize strategies that will build a better Class Climate, to develop the teacher’s identity as a facilitator of the social relationship between students and to develop student’s resilience and belonging to the school.